Purple Cast



As most curfews and stay at home orders have lifted people are out enjoying the weather and started to get life back to normal. However, for me my time at home has just begun.

After three years of countless physical therapy sessions, a handful of ace wraps, and four walking boots I finally got ankle surgery. The surgery lasted a little over an hour and was done at Aultman Alliance Hospital. Part of my muscle had to be taken out and the ligament had to be sewn to the tendon.

During the stay at home order, I followed the CDC guidelines of social distancing, wearing a mask, and constantly washing my hands. I was still able to go out to the grocery store and gather other essential supplies when needed. I could also go on a walk on the two acres of land that my family lives on which helped with my physical and mental health. It was a great feeling to have some freedom even though I had to take extra precautions to make sure myself and others around me would stay safe.

Now that I have undergone my surgery things have changed. I cannot put pressure on my ankle and this bulky cast gets in the way. I already miss being able to go into the store to get groceries for the week. It would take a lot of work for someone to help me in a vehicle and to push me throughout the store. My mom has made the effort to grab the wheelchair to bring me outside for ten minutes a day. But for now, I am stuck at home with the exception of future doctor appointments.

As I spend the next couple of weeks at home, I try not to think of it as a negative thing but a preparation of being able to walk further and being able to do more. I try to think positive that at least it is ankle surgery that has me down and not a sickness.

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