Family Video

Nearly one month ago, the owner of Family Video Keith Hoogland announced in a letter on the Family Video website that all stores would be closing.  

In the letter, Hoogland states that the COVID-19 pandemic is primarily responsible for the business shutting down. The year 2020 saw very few movie releases due to COVID-19.  

The lack of new movies and the push for people to stay home caused business for Family Video to plummet. According to Hoogland, this pushed Family Video to 

“the end of an era.” 

As online video streaming continues to increase in popularity, Hoogland’s words could not ring more true. Yes, Family Video going out of business is the end of an era. Family Video was the last of its kind as they survived much longer than other video stores like Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery. Now, the final relic of a bygone era is being laid to rest. 

As of now, Family Video is liquidating their inventory. Everything from their movies and video games to shelves and gum-ball machines is for sale. Hoogland says that they plan to sell everything out of the stores before closing down completely.  

I was inside Family Video only two weeks ago. That is when I discovered that they were going out of business. It was a depressing sight walking through the nearly empty store. video stores hold some of my most nostalgic childhood memories. Though I did purchase two movies and a video game for a good deal, the transaction was bittersweet. To any movie collectors reading this article, I implore you to visit your local Family Video to look around while you still can.  

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