If you are interested in film, love listening to the radio or find yourself writing stories you should check out Raider Student Media. RSM is the media organization at Mount Union. Raider Student Media works out of the radio station located in HPCC and weekly meetings are held here during UMT on Thursdays. (Currently these meetings are virtual).  

There are a lot of opportunities in RSM. We have a college radio station (WRMU 91.1) that you can have your own show on. Currently, we have rock n roll shows, talk shows, a vinyl show and many others. You can listen to these student shows weeknights on 91.1 on your radio or the WRMU app.  

 If you are a sports fanatic, you can write articles covering games and players. There are also opportunities to call Mount Union sports games and other local school games. RSM covers more than just basketball and football. Lacrosse, volleyball and baseball are a few of the many sports that have received coverage.  

RSM also runs Studio M, the YouTube channel. One of our popular shows is Raider Record Room. Local artist (including some on campus artist), come into the studio and share their musical talents. These productions take a whole team to put together and if you have an interest in cameras and filmthis is a great way to get your hands on a production project 

There’s always an article to write, there’s always a story to be heard. Use your voice here at Mount Union and write an article for the Dynamo. People love to read about the great things happening on campus and student experiences.  

Of course, there is so much more than what’s written here to experience in RSM. We are always looking for new members who have creative ideas and a great work ethic. If you have even the smallest interest in media, RSM will have something for you to enjoy. Attend an RSM meeting to see where you fit 

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