Wil Brienza is the sports director for Raider Student Media and senior at Mount Union; he is an avid fan both in the RSM studio and in the press box.  


Having a director’s position in any category can come with multiple responsibilities. However, Brienza enjoys every second of working with sports media and entertaining the Raiders fans.  


“It’s an important job with sports being a huge source of entertainment on campus… I see it as more of an honor honestly,” Brienza said. “A lot of people love the sports on our campusand we have a lot of listeners for football and basketball as well and being the guy that directs it all is an honor especially since the two guys before me I learned a lot from, and I thought did a very good job in their roles, so to be their processor makes me feel humble, and like I’ve been doing a good job.” 


Brienza has made his way around the different branches of RSM during his four years in college, before making his way to be the sports director. He found RSM in his freshman year, unaware of all the opportunities that the organization is comprised of.  


“I went to Raiderfest (Mount Union’s club and organization fair) my freshman year and saw the RSM table; I started talking,” Brienza said. “The people at the table told me all about RSM, and eventually brought up sports. I’m like ‘what do you mean sports?’ They said how they do broadcasting, podcasting, and I was like ‘that’s me, sign me up!’ They made me the sideline reporter for football and then went from there. Eventually the position of music director opened up a couple of weeks into my sophomore year… so I applied and that’s how I really started getting into RSM as the music director, then sponsorship director, and now sports.”  


One of Brienza’s favorite parts of working with sports media is broadcasting the football games, and with football taking place during the spring season this year, he hopes to be able to do at least one more broadcast before he graduates in May. However, one of the things that he loves the most about the RSM organization as a whole is the numerous eventful staff meetings.  


“Honestly outside of sports, our meetings are my favorite part about RSM,” Brienza said. “I think we have such a great group of people, both directors and staff, that whenever we have a meeting together… it’s so fun and honestly it’s a light of my week, those meetings and just getting to laugh and have fun with each other because that’s what media is all about.” 


Whether on campus or at home, sports, media, and the Mount Union traditions have always been a part of Brienza’s life.  He vividly recalls moments from his childhood that became foundations for who he is today.  


“I grew up in Alliance, Ohio, so I’ve been watching Mount Union football since before I could barely even walk,” Brienza said.  My dad and I used to go to all the home games. My uncle actually broadcasted sports on the radio for Mount Union when I was a kid, so I sat in the press box before I came to Mount and listened to some broadcast. Mount Union has been a big part of my life and to be able to call football is that feeling of honor, like ‘wow I actually get to do this.’ To my mom I would always commentate me playing outside or playing a video game. My mom would be like, is that what you want to do?’ and now I actually get to do it, and it’s really cool.”  


Brienza is double major in sports business and marketing. He is also a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, former president of the AMA organization, and bartends at the Buffalo Wild Wings located across the street from campus. He feels that being part of the Raider Student Media organization can be a benefit for any major and encourages everyone who is interested to join the team.  


There’s the different branches of RSM, so if you’re interested, you could be a business major and work with sponsorship or corporate partnership,” Brienza said. RSM has so many different branches that your major can tie in in so many ways. There are some majors that might not have a connection, like nursing, but even if you have the interest at all in writingproducingpodcasting or just talking about any and everything on a WRMU show… it’s a good place to be and a second home.”  


Brienza is a key team player in the RSM organization and leads as both a student and director with the heart of a champion.  

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