Spring Break 2019

Hey, do you wanna go to Florida tomorrow? If you just read that and said “yes” then you are officially my friend, whether you like it or not. It’s that kind of spontaneity that fuels some of the greatest experiences one can have. Sure, you could plan a whole vacation, months in advance, but with that comes expectations. Expectations suck. Instead, don’t plan and just do. That’s what me and my friend Jack did over break; we packed our bags and drove to Florida 12 hours later. Spoiler alert, we have no regrets. 

A few months ago, I discovered a YouTube channel called Yes Theory. On the surface, the premise of the channel seems simple: get people to do something crazy on a whim. When I first started watching that’s all it seemed like to me, they would walk up to a stranger and see if they’d change their current plans and go skydiving right that second. That’s how my spring break started, my sister called and said they needed some drivers to take them to Florida for a week. I said yes.  

This YouTube channel runs deeper than that. Yes Theory is about stepping out of your comfort zone, or seeking discomfort, as they would say. The idea is that if you take a bunch of small steps you can achieve something great. What I didn’t know was that saying “yes” and going to Florida was my small step. Once we got there, we kept taking these steps. Leaving the Airbnb and going to the hot tub and being friendly to the other guys there made us our first set of spring break friends. Then, running down and icing a stranger on the beach turned into our next set of friends. Finally, deciding that the classic spring break-y college bar was not for us and going to the local “old person” bar literally turned into potential job opportunities in Florida for me and my friend.  

The idea is that by putting yourself out there and taking risks you can set yourself up for not only a lot of fun, but a successful future. Yes Theory inspired me get a little uncomfortable and take this trip, and I have zero regrets. 

If you want to check out Yes Theory, which I strongly recommend, their 2018 year in review is a good place to start: Yes Theory- YouTube.  

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