Mount Union Theatre department will be putting on yet another great show. This spring, the faculty chose the show, “Songs for a New World”. The show was originally going to be “Carrie”, but this was not the safest option.  With the timing of the show and Covid-19, the process behind the scenes was different than before.  

“The casting process was much easier than normal”, as theatre student Olan Domer said. 

 The potential cast members had to record themselves singing an audition cut and submit it for review. This was said to be less stressful and anxiety-filled for the student s trying out this year. It was easier on the director’s side as well. Assistant song director, Eva Wagner, said  


“The casting process was different because we each got to pick which individual story we wanted to tell and find a parallel story in another song as the audition piece.”  

With Covid-19 and having to remain socially distance with masks, the rehearsal times have been spread out across the cast more evenly. But, just like any other show that is put on here, the cast and crew worked nonstop for six weeks in order to make sure their show is Covid-friendly and unique.  

“Rehearsing with masks has become second nature. It’s not preferable of course, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to safely do what I love the most”, said Olan Domer. 

 Director Kevin Kern has been doing his absolute best at taking all the precautions and making sure that his students are still able to bring a show to life on stage.  

The amazing set that you will see was crafted by Ryan Patterson. He has a talent for crafting and has found ways to turn a very simple set into something that is beautiful. Everyone both on and off the stage had a hand in putting the show together and helping it become something awesome and entertaining. According to Director Kevin, 

 “The actors have been working incredibly hard and I truly believe that this show has been casted so well. The cast tell the story well, and they showcase the talents of the department.”  

“Songs for a New World” is a non-traditional show but that is what makes it unique. The song cycle is episodic in a way that will allow the audience to connect in many separate moments throughout the show. You can come see the show Starting Thursday March 25th through Sunday March 28th at 7:30 pm in the Giese Center. Free tickets are available to all Mount Union students at 

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