PITTSBURGH, P.A. -  Yes, there is a Freddie Mercury themed milkshakeand I tried it. Spoiler Alert: it is a champion of the world. 

Annually on September 5th, Freddie Mercury’s birthday is celebrated in Montreux, Switzerland (a place where he liked to visit from time to time) in an event known as “Freddie For A Day.” However, this year, Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world are taking part in “Freddie For A Week” to pay homage to the legendary rock star. 

The festivities include special events, limited-edition merchandise, and of course, the “Freddie Moustache Milkshake.” Additionally, all proceeds from the merchandise are donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which is an organization set up in his honor by the remaining members of Queen and their manager to help fight against HIV/AIDS.  

Being the obsessive Queen fan and Freddie Mercury enthusiast that I am, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to take part in the event. Thus, I embarked on my journey to the great land of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the nearest Hard Rock Cafe. When you walk into the cafe, Freddie Mercury can be seen everywhere in the form of t-shirts, paintings, and signs. I would purchase merchandise later, but my primary mission was to try the milkshake. 

Once seated, I ordered the non-alcoholic version of the shake (yes, there is an alcohol-filled version for those of you who are over 21). The version of the milkshake I purchased included chocolate sauce mixed with vanilla ice cream and was topped with whipped cream and a beautifully-crafted brownie moustache. The shake also came in a glass milk container, which added to the novelty.  

Let me just say, the Freddie milkshake was a “Killer Queen.” It was just the right amount of sweet without being overbearing, and the brownie moustache was chocolatey perfection. With the exception of the price point ($8.95 for the non-alcoholic version and $12.95 for the alcohol version), this milkshake is definitely worth a try. And I recommend it to Queen and non-Queen fans alike. Plus, it does make for awesome photo opportunities. 

Hard Rock Cafe’s “Freddie For A Week” promotion takes place from September 5th through September 12th, 2019 at all Hard Rock Cafes around the world. For more information, please visit the Hard Rock Cafe website. 

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