JD Eicher

Raider Student Media (RSM) started a new project this semester in hopes to bring attention to lesser-known musicians, as well as diversify the content for the Studio M YouTube channel. This series is known as Raider Record Room. Currently, three episodes are available to watch: J.D. Eicher, Sawyer and Let Them Hear.  

The idea for Raider Record Room started as a way to integrate outside artists performing at the Raider Programming Board (RPB) hosted Coffee House with the various media produced by RSM. Each episode of Raider Record Room has two parts: the interview and the performance. The interview questions center around the artists’ musical influences and history. The host of Raider Record Room Josh Clark always ends the interview with a fun and challenging question. 

“If you were stranded on a dessert island and could only listen to one album, which would you choose?” Josh asks the interviewee. Though the answers to those questions have always been interesting, the most unique answer came from Keagan from Let Them Hear when he said he would just bring his guitar, so he could listen to any song. 

After the interview, the artist(s) being interviewed, play a live acoustic performance of one or two of their songs. Besides collecting the audio from the music, the artists also record promotional liners to be aired on 91.1 WRMU.  

The members of Raider Student Media are always looking for new artists interested in gaining exposure through Raider Record Room. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a guest on the show, please email Sam Fronsman at fronsmsl2021@mountunion.edu 

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