On October 28, Raider Student Media premiered Show Report Shenanigans: A R91 Horror Story. The short film stared Rachel Vaughn, Brady Pierce, and Vinny Camma. I, Emily Swisher, directed the film.  

A few weeks ago, Rachel Vaughn approached me with some amazing ideas for our Studio M YouTube. One of her ideas was a short film about a R91 host that procrastinates their show report. The show would have the R91 Director as the antagonist. She wanted a film that would be spooky and fun for Halloween. I told her if she wrote a script, we could get started on making the video. Just a few days later she emails me a script titled “What Happens When You Don’t Turn in Your Show Report on Time”. The script was well done, and I was so excited to get working on the project. 

Immediately when I received the script, I began composing a storyboard and shot list so we could get started filming since this film was time sensitive.  We wanted the film to be posted before Halloween so it would be relevant to our viewers.  

Like any film there were a few setbacks and learning curves. On one of our filming nights we were having problems with a camera’s compact flash card, so we had to use a different camera. After thinking we were done shooting and I began editing I realized we had to reshoot a scene just two nights before we wanted it posted. I also learned a lot about editing especially with our “Scooby Doo” scene where Rachel is being chased through the doors like in a cartoon. (Also, the music in the scene was composed by Rachel Vaughn!)  

Overall, the film was so fun to film and we all became better film producers.  As the Multimedia Director, I was so happy with the number of staff members and other directors that wanted to help with the film and supported us.   

I’m so thankful for the entire team that worked on our film and I hope everyone enjoys this spooky short film as much as I do.  

If anyone has feedback about the film leave a comment on Studio M! 

Happy Halloween! 

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