After going through six months of virtual performances, the Indi-Folk Pop band Drakeford was excited to kick off our first Coffee House of the semester.  

Drakeford was looking forward to finally begin performing their music in a live atmosphere. They drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee just so they could remember what it felt like to sing in front of a crowd on a real stage as opposed to their computer screens.  

“the virtual performances are fun and all because it allows us to continue to perform during times like these, but we are not good with technology,” Drake, the songwriter of the band said. We are so excited to get back to singing live in front of a crowd and getting to meet new people.”  

Students were talking about how excited they were that the Raider Programming Board was still hosting events. Coffee House has always been a place where students come together to share their love for music, poetry and the power of the arts. Music was the path Drakeford chose to peruse and have loved every second of it. They have been using every opportunity to write songs about how they’ve been coping with the change caused by the pandemic. Music has always been a positive outlet for them and they had the opportunity to share that with the student body of Mount Union. It was aevent that brought everyone closer together to appreciate some good music and simply just to enjoy each other’s company for the evening.  

After the event was wrapped up, Radio Student Media had the opportunity to secure an interview with Drakeford. Visit Studio M: Raider Student Media to see the full interview on an episode of Raider Record Room featuring Drakeford. 

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