Every February, fans from all over the world gather in front of their TV screens for the most anticipated bowl games of the year: The Puppy Bowl.  

This is the seventeenth year that Animal Planet has partnered with animal shelters to show off adorable and adoptable puppies in a football game for the ages. 

 In a field littered with chew toys, the pups are split up into two teams: the blue Team Fluff, and the tangerine Team Ruff. These two teams then engage in an intense competition in which they score by delivering toys to either of the field’s end zones.This year’s primetime event was headed by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. While the former was rooting for Team Ruff, the latter was in it for Team Fluff. The game started out hot as Team Fluff gained an early lead over the tangerine Team Ruff. That lead was kept throughout the first half, although not by much. Team Ruff did not take that first score lying down as they made sure to keep within one touchdown of their opponents. The highlight from this first half was Boston Terrier pup, Marshal, who scored two touchdowns for Team Fluff. 

Come halftime, it was time for the two teams to take a breather and evaluate what was working and what was not. In the meantime, viewers were treated to the Kitty Halftime Show. Kittens stormed the field to play with all the toys littered across it. The halftime show even featured a surprise musical guest: DJ Master Scratch. The feline DJ wrapped up the show with an electrifying performance and the puppies went back to the field for the second half. 

Team Ruff must have had an inspiring conversation with themselves during the break as they started off in the third quarter hot, eventually taking a three-point lead over Team Fluff. Unfortunately, this early burst caused Team Fluff to retaliate, and Team Ruff could not keep up with the energy put out by their opponents. Team Fluff quickly retook the lead and that lead only widened throughout the rest of the game. Their legendary roster was able to pull off some stellar plays. Golden Retriever pup Beliveau scored two touchdowns in just the third quarter alone and two-legged Labrador Retriever/German Wirehaired Pointer mix Jett was even able to contribute to Fluff’s lead with a field goal. 

After a long game of dogged competition, the fourth and final quarter was a much slower game. The pups from both sides had played a tough game and felt the need to nap. Puppy Bowl XVII ended with Team Fluff victorious over Team Ruff and Marshal landed himself the coveted Most Valuable Pup award for his stellar plays in the first half that established his team’s lead.If you missed the broadcast of Sunday’s big game, do not fret; you are still able to watch the game for free. Streaming service Discovery Plus includes Animal Planet in its collection and offers a 7-day free trial, so you can sign up for an account, watch the fantastic game and then cancel your subscription before you are charged. Enjoy the game. 

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