The dream of performing live with rock band Foreigner on the Blossom Music Stage came true for Perry High School in the summer of 2018.  

To share the stage with Foreigner the choir won a video contest through the Akron Rock n Roll radio station 97.5 WONE.  The choir got the chance to sing two songs with the band including hit, “I Want to Know What Love Is”. Mount Union sophomore integrated media major, Chloe Dragos said she was excited to sing this song as it was well known to the choir, especially member Alexys Nukes. 

“A song that my grandparents knew and loved” Nukes said, “was now a song that I was singing in front of thousands. 

 The choirmade up of about 20 members, spread out among the stage with three different microphones, Dragos explained.  They sang the chorus with ForeignerDragos got singled out by the band’s guitar player and he chose her to play the last note on the guitar.  She even got to keep the pick. 

Nukes said that when they walked on stage the audience had their phone flashlights waving side to side. They felt like rock stars 

This experience was not only fun and exciting, but it was eye opening.  

Dragos’ high school choir director, Beth Polen said the school and community had just been through numerous local tragedies that were affecting everyone. For her and the students the choir helped them heal. They were a tight knit group who could laugh with each other and trust each other and bond over their love for music. Pollen got to teach and be with these students daily. She even got to perform with them at the Foreigner concert. 

“Those students were a light in an awful year.” Pollen saidWe formed a bond through adversity.” 

The coming together of the choir to prepare for the concert brought joy and love to people in the community and school.  

For Chloe music was more than just a fun hobby. She has a niche for performing but she said she struggled to truly know who she was until she discovered music and the arts. 

“I am able to piece my love of music into who I am.” Dragos said, “I am more aware of myself. I am able to form myself around that sense of art.” 

Dragos still participates in the arts. She is in choir at Mount Union and is a member of the Dance team, Raider Student Media and Raider Programming Board.  

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