New York Toy Fair (NYTF) is an annual toy industry trade show that is held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City that took place February 15th through February 17th. As a collector of Funko Pop! figures the NYTF is one of the biggest weekends when it comes to Funko releases. This year did not disappoint, and because of that I am going to talk about the five biggest Pop! figure releases of this years NYTF in my opinion. I will also mention a couple of honorable mentions in hope that you might see a line of Pop! figures that you would enjoy and might just start your collection with a purchase from this year’s NYTF releases.

#5: Buildings

Now for number five it is not a specific show or movie release but a new style of Pop! figures. For the first time Funko has releases Pop! building which include a character from a movie or show with an iconic building from the said movie or show. For NYTF they released Spongebob standing with the Pineapple he resides in. They also released Scooby Doo with the haunted mansion from many of the show’s episodes. This a new line in the Pop! figure that leaves collectors wondering what else is to come, but for right now try to get your hands on these new releases!

#4: Jaws

For all you collectors after this release you are going to need a bigger shelf! NYTF announces the release of five Pop! figures from the iconic horror film Jaws. This line includes the three main characters in Brody, Hooper, and Quint. These three guys went on the voyage to kill the beast of shark that everyone would call Jaws. There are two renditions of the shark in this release that are both six-inch figures. One portrays the shark in his simplest form with the other including an oxygen tank in the mouth of the beast. Anyone who loves horror or loves this movie in general now has the chance to add five great figures to their collection!

#3: Forrest Gump

Rounding out the top three of releases from NYTF is two Pop! figures from the hit movie Forrest Gump which released in 1994 and starred Tom Hanks. The two Pop! figures from this movie are two different renditions of Forrest Gump. One shows him in his khaki suit while holding a box of chocolates like he does throughout the movie. The other figure shows him in his red USA shirt while holding a ping pong ball and paddle from his days as a national ping pong athlete. Everyone who is anyone has seen the movie Forrest Gump, it is a movie admired by many which is why these figures are in the top three for this year’s NYTF releases.

#2: Iconic Sports Figures

When it comes to sports, Funko has released many figures from the MLB, NBA, and NFL. They have even released some legends for both the NBA and NFL. This year at NYTF they announced the release of two athletes that are known by everyone regardless of their interest in sports. The announcement of both Babe Ruth and Muhammed Ali were made which made fans of these two legends very happy. When it

comes to sports it is hard to think of an athlete that are more iconic than these two, which is what makes these two must haves for any collection.

#1: The Office

All fans of the hit show The Office who collect Funko Pop! Figures have been waiting for the release of this line since the beginning. The Funko world erupted on social media when this release was made. The line includes the following characters: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beasley, Darryl Philbin and Kevin Malone carrying pot of chili. Also released was a chase variant of Jim when he wrote “BOOK” on his face as a Halloween costume. The line of Pop! Figures also includes a two-pack that includes Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson. This is a great start for line of Pop! Figures that they continue to build with the many characters that star in The Office. For anyone that does not have a Pop! collection started and is a fan of The Office here is your chance to get your hands on a line that might sell out quickly.

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