The Dangerous Summer

One year after the release of their self-titled album and returning to the stage after a nearly 4 year hiatus, The Dangerous Summer have announced that they will be releasing yet another album in the summer of 2019. The Maryland Pop Punk Rock group described the album in a tweet, saying, “Mother Nature is a raw force; and one that will give us life and swallow us all in the same breath. She is endless beauty, and the single reminder that we are all connected as one.”

While no specific date was given for the release of the whole album, the band has announced a few dates already that are worth taking note of which might help to estimate a release date.

April 15th.

The band has a single, Way Down, set to release on April 15th. That one is confirmed to be on the new album. Given the recent release of their last single “Where Were You When the Sky Opened Up?”, it is also assumed to be tied to the new album as well. But given the date of the next single release, the absolute earliest we can expect to get the full album, as ridiculous as it may seem, would be April 16th.

May 24th

This is the first date of the tour for Mother Nature. Most likely, we will get the full album sometime between April 16th and May 24th. Otherwise, the first few shows would essentially be extensions of the 2018 tour. While not impossible that the band releases Mother Nature following performing it live at the first show, which would actually be very cool and give the Columbus Ohio show on May 24th a very unique experience, this is unlikely. Furthermore, the Dangerous Summer ran a special promotion for the first 200 ticket holders which includes a vinyl copy of the album.

June 22nd

This is the last day of the Mother Nature Tour in Baltimore, Maryland. You can nearly guarantee that Mother Nature will have been released by the time the band wraps up its tour.

My Prediction: Mother Nature Comes out on May 24th, and before that, The Dangerous Summer drops one more single on May 3rd.

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