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Those who follow the YouTuber Rusty Cage are likely familiar with his outside ventures as well. In addition to developing a comic book series over the past year, Cage has been recording and releasing music on his own since the inception of his YouTube channel. Though his initial success was due to starting the viral knife game trend in 2011, Rusty Cage has also earned a cult following over time for his music.  

Since Cage began working on his comic book series, “Requiem of the Crazies,” some fans worried that he would be moving on from music. However, Cage made it clear that while he does not have a timeline for when we might be seeing a new full-length album, he does intend to release singles periodically. For those who are unfamiliar with Rusty Cage’s work, his style is a hybrid of acoustic, blues, country, folk, rock and rap. The way he blends these very different styles of music is what separates him from many artists and gives Rusty Cage a unique sound. 

His newest single, “Hollow Men,” is yet another example of Cage’s success at blending music genres. “Hollow Men” manages to merge acoustic rock with a synth pattern that is equally catchy and haunting. The instrumentals paired with dark lyrics centered around a loner wanting revenge on those who refuse to acknowledge him create a chilling combination that fits strongly along the rest of Cage’s discography.  

For those interested in checking out Rusty Cage in more depth, here’s a list of my top five favorite songs by him: 

  1. Gospel (There isn’t any God) 

  1. The Lies of Love 

  1. The Mysterious Stranger 

  1. The Lives of Flies 

  1. The Grave 

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