Music. It is a daily part of many people’s routines and lives. It is an art that people take solace and joy in. Music has been around for quite some time, and the way we as individuals consume it is constantly changing. From cassettes to streaming services, the technology in which we listen to music evolved immensely over the years.  

There is one way of listening that has stood the test of time and continues to be an in-demand product: vinyl records. Vinyl has been around for generations and is regaining popularity in our society. I myself am an avid listener of vinyl records, and I say it is my preferred way to listen to music.  

Here are five reasons I believe that you should start collecting vinyl: 

#1 - Album artwork: I may be biased, but the record sleeve cover art records come in is always unique—and usually pretty sweet. Think of a CD cover but bigger and more in your face. Records come in different sleeves: some are regular single sleeves, while others are gatefolds (the sleeve folds out to show more writing and artwork). Overall, the artwork on records is beautiful to the eye and is just as awesome as the record inside of it. 

#2 - It gives you something to collect: One of my favorite things about listening to music on vinyl is collecting them. Going to record stores or flea markets and finding vinyl of your favorite artists is always fun. However, when there is that one record that you have been searching and searching for, and you finally find it, there is no better feeling than that. It’s like finding a long lost treasure and tapping into the gold. 

#3 - Each record tells its own story: On top of going out and looking for records, you have what I like to call, “the story within the wax.” This is especially evident with older records. When you buy an older record, you never know the person who owned it before you or the person who owned it before them. You do not know what that record has been through and how much it meant to its previous owners. You are holding a piece of history in your hands. And that is a cool feeling. 

#4 - It just sounds better: Ask anyone who listens to vinyl, there is no match for the sound quality of the music pressed onto vinyl. Instruments are more heightened, the vocals are more powerful, and the listening experience is enhanced. On top of that, the static snaps and crackles you hear on some records show off its nostalgia. There truly is no better sound. Trust me. 

#5 - It brings back nostalgia: Now I don’t know about you, but a lot of the music I listened to growing up included the older bands and artists that my parents liked when they were younger. These musicians became some of my favorite artists. Since these artists are from previous decades, a lot of their music is on vinyl. Listening to vinyl is a flashback to the past and the simpler times in life. 

Overall, vinyl is one of the superior ways to listen to music. If you have never listened to vinyl or collected it, give it a try. You may never know how much you love the story in between the grooves.  

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