The doors of Presser Recital Hall have been closed most of this school year– but that is about to change. As the warmth of spring and the prospect of summer break slowly draws near, students in the music department also anticipate their annual spring concerts. For senior students in particular, the most anticipated performance of their time at UMU is their Senior Recital.  


For Halle Robinson, a senior Music major and Japanese minor, her upcoming Senior Recital is more than just a performance. It is her chance to showcase the knowledge and skill she has gained over the past four years.  


For each BA in Music, students are required to present a Lecture Recital that ties music to a larger idea. Robinson’s recital will focus on the two areas of study she loves most– the flute and Japan.  


“The main idea of this presentation and recital is to describe how contemporary Japanese flute music pays homage to the Japanese culture as a whole… and elements of that music that can be found in the pieces I play.”  


Part of Robinson’s performance will focus on music written specifically for a type of traditional Japanese bamboo flute, the Shakuhachi. Of the four pieces she will play, the first three will be solo flute and the last is an arrangement of “Sakura, Sakura” with piano accompaniment.  


Thankfully for Robinson, COVID-19 does not seem to have affected her recital preparations very much. Today’s technology allows her to communicate with professors throughout the planning process. The only downside, Robinson is disappointed that only ten people will be allowed to come hear her play in-person.  


“It’s going to be a small audience; but honestly, I’m ok with that because less people means less nervous I’ll be,” she says.  


Although the events of her senior year have not gone exactly how she imagined them, Robinson feels there are still many things to be grateful for.  


“I definitely would say I’ve been more positive than negative throughout this whole experience. You just try to make the best of the situations as much as you can… I’m very happy that I still got to take the classes that I took with the teachers that I had… I definitely imagined my last year at Mount Union to be very fun and I imagined myself as having grown a lot musically and socially. With the little things like marching band, for my senior year, I switched from piccolo to baritone and I had the time of my life!” 


We wish Halle the best of luck during her performance on April 25th! 

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