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We have all been there. UMU Today sends that daily email and without hesitation you delete it. I’ve gotten the feeling that students generally think campus events are boring, maybe because they went to one that did perform well, or they can’t get a big group of friends to go with them. I’ve heard people complain that Mount Union doesn’t put on enough big fun events or festivals, or that the bigger events always run out of food. Well let me tell you why that attitude is part of the problem.

There are lots of great events everyday on campus, whether it’s a sports game, RPB event, BSU event etc. It’s easy to look at the list of things to do and question how many people will be there and how fun a certain event may be. You may question it so much that you just decide not to go. That’s the problem. If everyone decides not to go in fear of no one being there, then of course the event is going to be empty. Mount Union needs more superfans. More people that go to events all the time, and the more people that decide to go, the more people see that campus events are really a thing.

You see, the more people that attend campus events, the bigger those event planners can dream. What I mean by that is its hard to justify spending a lot of money on a big event when you don’t think a lot of people will be there. The Raider Programming Board is a great example. If no one goes to Midweek Madness, why would they waste time and money setting up the popular events like the Hypnotist show or Nugs and Mugs. Also, how are they supposed to justify a budget increase to host bigger events if no one goes to the smaller ones.

I encourage you to support campus events in the future, even if it means going with just one other friend or losing a half hour of your life on a boring event. The more support these events see, the more fun they can be. Be the change you want to see in Mount Union, don’t just hope that it happens.

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