Love is in our Hands

In this series, I pick a different theme each week and recommend five songs within it for you to give a listen. These tracks include some of my favorites over the years, with many being ones I listen to on a regular basis. If you have any theme recommendations, post them in the comments, and your idea(s) may be featured in later editions. Let’s get started! 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the theme for this week is love. Whether it is being in love, falling for someone, or just generally caring for an individual, we have all felt this feeling at some point in our lives. Therefore, here are five songs for all of the people who have someone special in their lives. 

  1. “I Would (Stripped)” by COIN 

This song has two released versions, and the original was my first exposure to the group. However, something about the simplicity of the stripped down version is perfection. This simple piano ballad is not available on streaming services as of this publishing; however, the group has posted it on their official YouTube page. This is a track all about showing someone that you are willing to do anything to make them happy. The lyrics are pure, and the beat is simple, but I definitely recommend you give it a listen. 

  1. “Break The News” by The Who 

Believe it or not, 60s rock band The Who released a new album in 2019 and blessed us with this beautiful track. This song is all about growing old with someone and telling them that you will protect them from everything you can. I chose this song because it is one that has such a youthful feeling to it, but also has that old soul punch that makes everything feel right with the world. Daltrey’s vocals are stellar and his harmonies with Townshend are top notch. This is a song with many layers and many stories to tell. 

  1. “Something New” by Ollie Gabriel 

I discovered this song from a show on NBC entitled “Songland”. In this show, songwriters are given the chance to pitch a song to an artist with the possibility of having it recorded. Although Ollie’s song was not chosen by John Legend to record, he released it by himself and made it unique. Ollie’s vocals are powerful but soothing, which I believe gives the song its legs. This track details the concept of being in it for the long run and dedicating life to someone special. This is a sweet song that will make any heart happy.  

  1. “All To You” by Russ (feat. Kiana Ledė) 

A track that was released just a couple of weeks ago, “All To You” starts with a beautiful guitar riff that leads into Russ and Kiana’s melodic harmonies. This song is a flashback to Russ’s roots, with a melody that makes you want to drive at night with your windows down. The lyrics about giving your all to everyone but still being scared of falling too deep is a mood that many people can relate to. Even though this song just came out, I already have it on repeat. 

  1. “You And I” by Queen 

Although “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” could also be relevant on this list, I wanted to give you a lesser known song that is one of my favorites. With its upbeat tempo, this song will have you smiling from ear to ear. Every time I listen to this track, I am instantly put into a better mood. The lyrics detail the crazy and happy adventures you get into with someone you care about and why you make the perfect pair. All in all, it’s a great song to close out this list. 

This concludes the second edition of The Mantra Mixtapes. I hope you all enjoy this new series. If you have any songs that you would like to add to this list that reflect this week’s theme, feel free to add them to the comments below. I would love to hear your recommendations. Until next week, later Raiders! 

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