Raider Record Room

ALLIANCE, OHIO- In August of 2019, the board of directors and the staff of Raider Student Media (RSM) decided to proceed with a new, exciting project that would feature musical artists with the intent of providing them a platform to both tell their story, as well as share their music. This group of students met up in the radio station in Hoover-Price Campus Center on a Friday afternoon and began to conjure up a set, complete with lights, cameras, and plenty of action as the team scrambled to get everything ready for their first guest, JD Eicher.  

The atmosphere of the room as Coffeehouse wrapped up was one of nervousness, excitement and awe. All of those feelings melted into confidence when Eicher rolled onto the set.  

Seven hours later, the editing team finished and released the first episode of Raider Record Room after a late night of hard work. 

Now, with the start of the spring semester underway, RSM is gearing up for a second season of Raider Record Room that will feature a mixture of both local and touring artists, as well as showcasing the on-campus talent that exists here at Mount Union. The second season of the series, which is hosted on RSMs YouTube channel Studio M, is aiming to be bigger and better by increasing the number of episodes, as well as the talent featured in them.  

Well, the Raider Record Room team has built something special in this program, and since the first season, weve really homed in on perfecting our craft, seeing what works and what doesnt,” said Josh Clark, the freshman host of Raider Record Room, I think with the first season done and under our belts, were ready to propel this series forward and generate some great content. 


If you are a local artist or an on-campus artist interested in being featured on a future installment of Raider Record Room, please feel free to reach out to me, Vinny Camma, at 

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