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Last Friday, October 4 was a day celebrated by colleges across the nation. What’s so special about this date? It was College Radio Day. College Radio Day is a day that celebrates the accomplishments created by student-ran radio stations throughout the country. 

College radio is special for many reasons. One major reason is that it allows students the freedom to broadcast their interests on the air. Whether it be in the form of music or a talk show, college radio gives students a platform to share their voices. This allows for underground and local artists to get a spotlight they might otherwise not get.  

For College Radio Day, Mount Union decided to celebrate by holding R91 shows throughout the day. Some of the programs that were showcased included “Ben’s Rock Revival”, “The Loudspeaker” and “The House of Rock.” These shows were special episodes. For example, Vinny Camma hand-selected the best songs he ever broadcasted over the air for his double-feature of “The Loudspeaker” and “The Acoustic Corner.” I picked out the playlist for my first ever broadcast on my special edition of “The House of Rock.” 

In addition to hosting R91 shows at special times, Raider Student Media also celebrated by playing exclusively local artists in the early part of the day. This showcase of up-and-coming artists demonstrates the power college radio has to give voices to the voiceless. All in all, the purpose of College Radio Day is to spread awareness and appreciation for such a unique form of broadcasting that not only serves local communities by showcasing underrated music, but it also acts as a way to educate students on the radio broadcasting medium. 

The moral of the story is to continue to support 91.1 WRMU by tuning in to hear music, news and sports. 

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