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Whether you call him Machine Gun Kelly, MGK, Kels, or Colson Baker, the Cleveland bred rapper is back in the thick of the entertainment industry with his Movie/immersive Album Experience Downfalls High” following a genre shift that earned him his first #1 album of all time in 2020Tickets to My Downfall 




Unlike the other film works that Baker has been credited in such as The Dirt, Beyond the Lights, Project Power, and other films, Downfalls High” is MGKs first foray into directing and writing with good friend ModSun. Billed on IMDB as a musical, Baker spent much of January 2021 pushing Downfalls High as an Immersive album experience", and it certainly lived up to the hype. Simply put, Downfalls High” is an Album Music Video, but enhanced with dialogue and a coherent storyline. 


Following the life of high school punk Fenix (Chase Hudson) and his sweetheart Scarlett (Sydney Sweeney), MGK plays Tickets to My Downfall” from cover to cover, excluding the Kevin and Barracuda Interlude, with each track fitting perfectly with the story. Following the death of Scarlett, Fenix forms a band which performs some original music. That music is some of the most recognizable and popular tunes from the middle of T.T.M.D.  


It is rare for some artists to excel in their field, and even rarer for them to successfully succeed in two genres, but Baker has proven that his talents in the studio are not limited to things you can hear. Visually and audibly, Downfalls High is a masterpiece that highlights everything that Baker and friends have to offer.  


Our final verdict here at College Punk reviews is very much worth your time if you like tragic love stories, punk rock, and music videos.  


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