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ALLIANCE O.H. - The Alliance Vinyl Club spun into Rodman Library on Monday evening where record enthusiasts galore met to discuss their favorite pastime.  

People from around the area brought some of their favorite vinyl to listen to. As each person played their records, they told a story about the artists and what they mean to them. Everyone shared their favorite memories, and the mood in the room was very inviting and upbeat. The group is led by local librarian Byron, who is a vinyl enthusiast himself.  

Some things that were discussed at the meeting included record players and what people in the group had, as well as discussion of what form the group would take in the future. The Alliance Vinyl Club also came to an agreement that music sounds fuller and deeper on vinyl. For future meetings, the club will look to bring in artists and musicians to talk about their creative process and what it’s like to have music on vinyl. 

The Alliance Vinyl Club is a new group created by the librarians of the Rodman Public Library for people around the area to talk about music and reminisce on old times. They have meetings every month, with the next one being October 28 at 6:30 P.M. For more information, contact the Rodman Public Library. 

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