Music Note Bokeh

One of my favorite places to be on campus, other than the Chapel and the North Reading Room, is Studio A. When I got involved with Raider Student Media, I thought it was just another club. Just another fun thing to do on campus. If you would have told me that I would be a director for Raider Student Media, I would’ve said, “You’re kidding.” 

 Right around the time I started to become active at the station (February/March 2018), I started dating this girl. For privacy’s sake, I won’t mention her name or where she goes to school. 

One of the things that really brought us together was our passion for music. Although she didn’t want to study integrated media, she loved the idea of having her own music show where she could share her music and her tastes on the radio, TV or wherever else she could. When we started dating, my “Movie Music” show was in full swing, and she loved it. She loved movies and she loved music. She was my kind of woman. We had a lot of good moments together in Studio A. 

 Little did I know that the relationship would go toxic. 

 After the Fall semester began, things were tough, but it would only continue to go down-hill from there. When the relationship hit rock-bottom, I nearly had a stress-induced heart attack. I was only 20 years old. During my recovery, that relationship haunted me. And a lot of our relationship happened in Studio A. For the rest of Fall 2018 and the entirety of Spring 2019, Studio A no longer helped me relax or calm down. Instead, it only amplified my anxiety and stress. There were even a few times I was called out for not helping with an event, ditching an obligation at the last moment or making careless mistakes. 

 However, there were people in Raider Student Media that told me to keep pushing through and to even run for a director’s position. Keeping my radio show kept me on the right path to recovery. I needed it, not physically, but mentally. I had no cool, no head and definitely no grace. The music I played both through my radio show and the Brother Alex Smith Gospel Show helped me heal all the wounds I suffered through dating her. 

 When the healing can occur in the same location where you were hurt, it shows that you have the power to take charge of how you move forward. Sticking to my radio show and the Brother Alex Smith Gospel show helped me find my head. 

 Going into Fall 2019, I have my head. I have my music. I have my radio station. Joining 91.1 WRMU has done so much good for me. The ability to share my music with the rest of campus and the fact that people enjoy my show, means a lot. 

Here’s to the start of senior year and wonderful things to do.

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