This years Super Bowl was not a very fun game to watch if you’re a fan of offensive shootouts like me. Almost 100 million people tuned in this year to watch a defensive battle with a halftime show that was mediocre at best. One thing that stays constant every year is the effort major businesses put into advertisement during there limited amount of air time during the “Big Game”. This year, again, did not disappoint when it came to the commercials, you might even say they stole the show this year. With that being said I am going to breakdown the five best commercials from this year’s game in my opinion.

Honorable Mentions: T-Mobile and Mint Mobile

Just missing the cut was both T-Mobile and Mint Mobile. T-Mobile used a series of funny text messages between two people to bring laughter and promotion to the super bowl. For Mint Mobile they used disturbing chunky milk to prove that it just is not right, and Mint Mobile is right.

#5: Pringles

In this commercial by Pringles they teamed up with a smart system such as Alexa or Google Home where the are stacking many different Pringles flavors and the question how many combinations comes up in the conversation between two friends. The smart system then interrupts with the answer and goes into a deep speech on how she never gets to experience the greatness just to be interrupted by a song request that you could not resist laughing at because the smart system stopped in its tracks to play the song.

#4: NFL 100

This commercial was the best football viewers witnessed all night, with a mixture of legends, current stars, and future stars all battling for the gold NFL 100 football in a ballroom. You see greats getting tackled into a cake or onto tables. As a northeast Ohio native and a diehard Cleveland Browns fan the best part of this commercial was seeing Tom Brady hand over, his then five, rings to quarterback Baker Mayfield. This is hopefully foreshadowing how many rings he will have by the end of his career.

#3: Mercedes A-Class

In this commercial the main man has the power to make anything he says happen, including making it rain from an ATM machine. This was both funny and a dream come true. After seeing this commercial you will dream about having the power, he possessed in this commercial, but you will also get a chuckle out of it.

#2: Amazon

As always Amazon brought their a-game when it came to a super bowl commercial. This year they showed a series of failed Alexa products just to show how funny their marketing team can get. You get to see Harrison Ford in a war with his dog, that is ordering dog food through the

Alexa collar for dogs. You also see two girls get shot from their hot tub by water missiles going with the sound of music played by Alexa. You also see the worlds power turning on and off as the satellite is powered by Alexa and she keeps restarting herself. You can never make a mistake by watching an amazon commercial especially if you’re looking for a laugh.

#1: Pepsi

In this advertisement a lady at a restaurant is asked if “Pepsi is okay?” Prompting Steve Carrell to stand up and teach the waiter a lesson. Comparing Pepsi to shooting stars and child laughter. He also uses Lil’ Jon and Cardi B and their iconic “okays” to show just how okay Pepsi really is. This commercial wins because as a fan of The Office, Steve Carrell acts a lot like his character Michael Scott in this commercial which makes it not only hilarious but makes you want to dive into the series yet again.

Again, this ranking was my opinion and there are many more commercials that made me laugh and that I enjoyed. If you are one of the, I think six people that did not watch the super bowl at least get on YouTube and check out some of the amazing commercials you missed, they will not disappoint.

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