Vinylthon 2019

Vinylthon participants, Cassidy Hiles and Patience Bartunek preparing for their afternoon vinyl only shift at the WRMU station.

On April 13 across the world, college radio stations ran 24 hours on straight vinyl in celebration of Vinylthon, for the fourth consecutive year.

This year Vinylthon happened to fall on National Record Day. Over 140 college radio stations in 10 different countries were participants in the event.  Some schools participated for just part of the day while others, like 91.1 WRMU at Mount Union, participated for the full 24 hours and received the Golden Slipmat Award for their hard work and dedication.

This was The Radio Voice of Mount Union's second year participating in Vinylthon. After last year’s event, On-Air Program Director, Logan McGee, stated he was very happy that we were able to double our hours of vinyl this year.

“I see a bright future for our participation in Vinylthon in years to come, due to vinyl making a strong comeback.” states McGee.

This year the WRMU team was committed to winning that Golden Slipmat Award. Vinylthon began at midnight on April 13, and was running at the WRMU station until midnight on April 14.

Throughout the day more than a dozen Mount Union students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members spun vinyl in the WRMU studio. Music ranged from oldies to today’s hits, with a variety of genres in between.

Student, Cassidy Hiles, and Mount Union staff member, Patience Bartunek worked a two-hour radio shift on the day of Vinylthon. Cassidy, who has never been live on the radio before this experience, raved about her Vinylthon shift. She stated “It was difficult to get used to finding where to start the music and plan the transitions, but the experience overall was a lot of fun.” She even plans to make an appearance in the future to help continue the Vinylthon tradition at Mount Union.

Jim Novinc, Mount Union student, participated in Vinlython for the first time this year as well. Jim states, “This was a cool new experience, spinning vinyl on the radio.”

As I started my early morning shift at 3am for the second year in a row I was able to play a variety of my favorite Beatles hits, Steve Millers hits, and even some tunes off of the Michael Jackson Thriller album. Being a member of the Raider Student Media team, Vinylthon has always been one of my favorite days of the year when it comes to working for a college radio station. It’s a great way to get back to the roots of our love for radio. It gives playing music in today’s world of technology a new perspective and brings with it a respect for the art.

For more information about the history and context of Vinylthon click here.

For your top hits from past to present, tune into 91.1 WRMU on your radio dial, listen in on your phone by dialing (563) 999-3112, or listen online using our live stream player.

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