Prospero’s Magic Island Poster

The theatre departments final fall show of the 2019 semester closed earlier this week after its magical debut on ThursdayProspero’s Magic Island, written and directed by Kevin P. Kern, closed Sunday, Nov. 23following its five-show run.  

The show was written by Kern during his sabbatical last spring. His goal was to make Shakespeare more accessible to children. Because he has three children of his own, he wanted to make it easier for them to understand the complicated text.  

In addition to the normal Thursday-Sunday shows, an additional Friday matinee was added. Over 200 third graders from three different schools were bussed in to watch the show that morning.  

The cast was a bit worried during the Friday matinee, as they weren’t sure how the children would react. Several cast members said that it ended up being one of the most exciting performances. Hearing the children gawk and groan over the kiss during the final act was the icing on the cake.   

While the cast and crew were larger than the October show, Miss. Witherspoon, the cast of 16 was still smaller than most shows put on by the department. A wide range of students filled the roles of magical beings, jesters and young royalty.  

While the fall run of shows is over for the theatre department, there are still two more show opportunities for avid theatre goers. The hit musical, Chicago is set to open in March, and a series of one-act plays are to come shortly after.  

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