Twin Peaks House Party

Based out of Chicago, Twin Peaks brings a unique energy to their music, unlike most bands from the modern era. Their sweet-sounding lyrics and heavy garage-rock influence make for a perfect combination that separates them from any band I have ever listened to. I became a fan of theirs when a friend of mine introduced me to their project, “Sweet ’17 Singles”. But my love for their music was solidified after seeing them perform live earlier this year at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. In my opinion, the mark of a truly great band is when their music sounds significantly better in person than the demos they release. Twin Peaks did not disappoint, as their opening track “Tossing Tears” had me in awe. The show was incredible, and I knew that I had to see them again. This past September, my girlfriend and I attended their show at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. And it was surely a night to remember. The band played a full set with added solosplus a few encore songs. They brought so much energy that many of the fans in attendance decided to join them on stage to perform stage dives. The fun-loving atmosphere that this band brings with them is unlike any other. That night, I inadvertently met two of their members, Clay Frankel and Cadien Lake James. To say that they value their fans is an understatement, as they both took the time to have genuine conversations with me and expressed their appreciation of us attending 

 Needless to say, I love this band. If you’ve been around me, you have probably heard me playing them before. If you haven’t given them a chance, you should. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t enjoy at least one of their songs. I look forward to the next time they are playing in the area, as I will definitely be in attendance.  

 Here are a few of my favorite tracks from Twin Peaks, and if you’d like to carpool to their next show with me, just let me know: 


  1. Unfamiliar Sun  

  1. Blue Coupe 

  1. Tossing Tears 

  1. Good Lovin’ 

  1. Walk to the One you Love 

  1. Under the Pines 

  1. Making Breakfast 

  1. Irene 

  1. Ferry Song 

  1. Dance Through It 

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