Hello everyone! My name is Trish Kohut, and I am a lover of all things music. One of my favorite things about music is when you find an album where every song is an amazing piece of a great collection. In this series, I talk about my favorite albums, track-by-track, and why you should check them out. This week’s album is a newer album from one of my favorite current bands, so please enjoy this review of “How Will You Know If You Never Try,” the sophomore effort from alternative indie pop-rock band Coin. 

  1. “Don’t Cry, 2020” 

The album opens up with the melodic vocals of lead singer Chase Lawrence. The track paints the picture of a pair of people who are afraid of the thought of getting older. The song’s verses show the panic; however, the choruses bring together the optimism that everything is going to be alright. With a slow start, this song kicks into gear and will help you through any stress you may have. 

  1. “Boyfriend” 

This track is the epitome of not wanting to be used by someone. “Boyfriend” tells the story of a guy who is only called up by a girl when it is convenient for her or she feels lonely. The guy has had enough, which is demonstrated when Lawrence sings, “I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, when you need a little company.” This song also offers a great beat by drummer Ryan Winnen, and it’s fast tempo will having you rocking out for sure. 

  1. “Talk Too Much” 

Considered Coin’s standout and most known track, “Talk Too Much” details the concept of some things being better left unsaid. This song screams summer with its infectious beat and fast tempo. With a chorus you can’t help but screaming along to, this one will be locked into your head after one listen. 

  1. “I Don’t Wanna Dance” 

This synth-oriented track speaks about wanting to impress someone by doing something you are not really into. Once again, Winnen’s drum beat sets the whole track in motion, and Lawrence’s whiny vocals in the chorus encapsulate the entire mood of the track. Although the title suggests otherwise, this song will make want to do nothing else but dance.   

  1. “Hannah” 

This track was written by Lawrence about a girl he had a crush on in middle school. He ran into her again while recording the album, and this song was created. A slower-paced number, “Hannah” brings back that optimism that was introduced in “Don’t Cry, 2020.” With the sentiments of “how will you know if you never try” in the lyrics, this song is all about going for it, even if you are scared. 

  1. “Are We Alone?” 

One of the more underrated and one of my favorite tracks on the album, this song talks about the concept of not living in the moment. With a melodic guitar riff from guitarist Joe Memmel, this number feels like a dream sequence. It also is a pleasant reminder to take time away from your phone and enjoy the moment you are in. 

  1. “Heart Eyes” 

An upbeat number that shows off the band’s lyrical content, this track is about a girl who follows her heart more than her head and will put herself second in order to make sure everyone else is okay. With a beautiful piece of piano work by Lawerance to close out the song, this is definitely one of the album’s standouts.  

  1. “Lately II” 

The follow-up to the track “Lately” on the band’s debut, this song continues the story of Lawerance’s sister and brother-in-law dealing with the loss of their first child. This number offers beautiful backing harmonies from Memmel, as well as an impromptu rock out right when you think the song is over. Overall, it’s a very emotional track with a good rhythm. 

  1. “Feeling” 

One of the fastest songs on the album tempo-wise, “Feeling” was written by Winnen about the conflict of wanting someone, but also trying to move on from the situation. Memmel’s guitar work is showcased on this track, with an aggressive chorus enough to get the blood pumping. Winnen keeps the tempo, Lawerance delivers with the vocals, and all in all, you have the perfect track to rock out with your friends. 


  1. “Miranda Beach” 

The lyrics are self-explanatory in this fun and lighthearted track. The bass riff by now-former bassist Zachary Dyke is evident throughout the song, which gives it an infectious beat. With the harmonious “la la la’s” after the chorus, “Miranda Beach” is not a song to be taken too seriously, but rather one to bop your head to. 

  1. “Malibu 1992” 

“Malibu 1992” is the longest song on the album, clocking in at a total of 5:42. The song was originally released on their second ep “1992,” but was reworked for this record. In my opinion, this is Coin at their best. This track shows off their versatility as artists, with the slowed down beat being almost mesmerizing. With a “heartbeat” drum progression from Winnen, followed by the beautiful harmonies between Lawrence and Memmel, this song is as good as it gets. 

That’s all for this week’s edition of Eclectic Albums. Tune in next week for our next album review! Also, if there are any albums you would like me to review, don’t hesitate to let me know! Keep rocking, Raiders! 

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