A young band from Frankenmuth, Michigan that’s named after an old lady has undeniably revived the classic rock-and-roll sound.

With vocals reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and guitar work like Jimmy Page, Greta Van Fleet has captivated the music world. With their hit single “Highway Tune” coming from their EP “From the Fires” in late 2017, the band spring boarded their fame to places where they never thought they could reach. Their “big break” came in April of 2018 when they performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. After their performance, people across the globe took notice. Many loved their Led Zeppelin-type sound, bringing them back to the 70’s. Others were not pleased with this, as these people labeled the band “copycats”.

It still bothers me that people hate Greta Van Fleet for that reason alone. Here’s why:

Again, many say that Greta Van Fleet are cheap imitators of Zeppelin and “just aren’t good” because of this. This band, composed of twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka (22 years old), Sam Kiszka (19), and Danny Wagner (19) outsold Disturbed’s new album with their own titled “The Peaceful Army”. Disturbed has been around for almost 18 years and have been one of the premier metal bands of this generation. This is such an impressive feat for such a young band. People are starting to listen to rock-and-roll music again simply because of Greta Van Fleet, as even the band themselves have stated their audience ranges from “8 to 80” at their shows. Grandchildren are attending shows with their parents and grandparents. The older generations want to show their youth a piece of their childhood through Greta Van Fleet’s music, which, in my opinion, is freaking cool.

They don’t cuss. They don’t promote violence. They’re just a couple of hippie millennials who enjoy playing kick-ass classic rock music. What’s so wrong with that?

For those of you who do not like the band, give them another try. If you say they’re “not good”, then you’re wrong. Much of the world has fallen in love with them in such a short amount of time. Your taste might not agree with Greta Van Fleet, but that doesn’t mean you should hate them for it, and that goes for any other artist you may dislike.

Their music has a strong message of peace throughout the world and is written to bring people closer together. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you must respect their efforts in trying to fix such a cold world through the music they provide us.

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