One piece of news that is cycling through the United States’ news network is Hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Dorian is the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season and is currently reeking chaos in the Caribbean and Florida. As of now, it is a Category three hurricane. 

However, Hurricane Dorian is just one of many major storms to impact the United States throughout its history. When people think of storms, the first things that come to mind are hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. If you’ve ever watched the Weather Channel, you would see that there is much more broadcasted than weather reports. They show a variety of weather-related documentaries and shows at all hours of the day. One of those shows, narrated by famous meteorologist Jim Cantore, is “Storm Stories.” 

Storm Stories dominated the Weather Channel from the mid to late 2000's and was a documentary series that talked about major storms including 1999’s Norman, Oklahoma Tornado; 2005’s Hurricane Katrina; and 2007’s EF 5 Greensburg, Kansas Tornado. By 2010, the show was canceled. 

That wouldn’t last, however, as The Weather Channel brought the show back in the form of “Storm Stories: The Next Chapter.” In the new show, they talk about, you guessed it, major storms in U.S. history. They take eye-witness reports of major storms like 2011’s Joplin Tornado, 2012’s Superstorm Sandy and 2013’s El Reno Tornado and then goes into the storm, how it formed, what kind of damage it caused, how people survived the storm, and how people recovered from the storm. 

The show brings a more interesting story perspective than watching severe weather reports when a storm affects a local area. It tells the story of how it happened, when it happened and how you can recover. 

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