Election season is here again and this year Uber and Lyft are discounting their trips to get people to the voting booths.

According to an article by Patrick Sission, Uber and Lyft are giving FREE rides to the voting booth for the first time ever. Over the past couple years’ there have been people did not get out and vote due to not having transportation to get there.  The two taxi services are hoping that changes this year with the free rides. Sission states that this year could be a year in which we get more voters than any other election before.

It is imperative for people to vote as this is a chance for their voice who they want leading their country. It is our time to be heard. We as Americans need to take advantage of our right to vote. This year is the year to get out there without excuses. Download the app (Lyft and/or Uber) and to get to the polls. Lets take advantage of this opportunity and GO VOTE.

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