Chuck Morford

“It is time to move to better memories in the life of Wonderful Radio Mount Union”- Charles R. “Chuck” Morford. 

WRMU, Mount Union’s college radio station began in 1965, and would not have been possible without the first faculty advisor, Chuck Morford. Unfortunately, Chuck passed on February 7, 2020. Chuck spent 27 years teaching communication courses at Mount Union and had a huge impact on WRMU. He cared about the students and wanted them to succeed and put much time into the radio station.  He believed in the students and the radio station even when no one else did.  

In late 1968, WRMU wanted to transition into an FM station and he stood by the students' wild ideas, despite the expenses and higher authority calling it crazy and saying it will be “forgotten and all wasted”. He worked endlessly to get every football game, by one of the winningest collegiate teams on the air for every gameNow over 50 years later, WRMU is still on the air for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. It still broadcasts football and basketball games, and listenership has expanded to more than just the walls of the university. The college radio station was more than just a place to play records for the audience, it was a place of family and love just like it is now, just like Chuck worked so hard for.  

Chuck was a do-er and he did not give up. He let his imagination run free and put in the work to make the WRMU dream a reality. All of us at the University of Mount Union should strive to be as influential and loving as him. Even after his death, his family shows the great impact he has left on this organization and in lieu of flowers, the family has asked memorials to be made to Santee Presbyterian Church or WRMU 91.1 as a donation in his memory.  

You can learn more about Charles Morford and his dedication to WRMU in his memoir91.1...a memoir: Of the first 28 years of the University of Mount Union radio 

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