WRMU 91.1

The Radio Voice of Mount Union, FM 91.1 WRMU has just completed a very special station imaging project as part of the stations 50th anniversary (1967 – 2017).

This project enlisted the help of former students and had them record themselves reading the station’s call letters, tag line, and other broadcast information. Starting next week, those tuned in to the station will hear these notable alumni thanking them for listening.

Station Manager Lynn Riggle partnered with WRMU’s Board of Directors and the University of Mount Union’s Alumni Engagement Office to send out around 500 emails to WRMU alumni asking them to help create legal IDs, liners, and sweepers to broadcast over the station. The emails had a fill-in-the-blank script as well as special instructions for how to record and send their voices.

Approximately 20 alumni responded back with recordings, with even more volunteering to come back to UMU to record, as they did not have the means to do so at home. The station’s Promotions Director and Audio Multimedia Director then spent the next week sifting through the recordings and capturing snippets to use in the new imaging.

Currently, 16 different edits of the voices have been added to the station’s database, with more to follow. Some will play at the top of the hour as a legal ID, some will play in-between songs as liners, and others will be scattered throughout the day as category breaks. Some notable voices included on these liners/IDs/breaks include former Sports Director Noah Hiles ‘17, former Program Director Stefani Schaefer ‘93, and former engineer and WRMU founding member Daun Yeagley ‘67. These files will also be uploaded to the web in the near future.

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