Formal Sorority Recruitment is always a big deal for many women on Mount Union’s campus every fall.

On the other hand, Spring Recruitment tends to fly a little bit under the radar. Spring recruitment is much more informal than formal recruitment, and it is also much smaller, since most sororities are only eligible to recruit 1-10 members in the spring. During spring recruitment, house total is determined by averaging the number of members in each sorority chapter on campus. After determining house total, if a chapter has fewer members than that number, they can recruit members until they reach it.

Each sorority is allowed to recruit in their own way using their own system and hosting their on informal events. This spring, Delta Sigma Tau hosted a valentine-themed event called “Falling in Love With Delta Sigma Tau”. Some of the activities at this event included making advertisement tags for the Valentine Project, one of DST’s philanthropies. DST is able to give out four bids this spring, and their Vice President of Recruitment, Tirzah Curry had this to say about the process: “We are all super excited to turn strangers into sisters and we encourage the women who don't join a sorority this semester to go through in the fall!”

However, not all the sororities are eligible to participate in spring recruitment. Alpha Chi Omega is already at house total, so they will not be recruiting new members this semester. Although they aren’t getting new women in their chapter, that hasn’t stopped them from hosting fun events to focus on their sisterhood. They held “Alpha Chi Pajam” at the end of January, which was a pajama party complete with pizza, popcorn, and karaoke. The event was open to the whole campus so that although they couldn’t give out bids, people could still get to know their sisterhood as a whole. This was also helpful for women who may want to go through formal

recruitment in the fall but wanted a sort of “first look”. Alpha Chi’s Vice President of Recruitment, Rachel Richenberg, says about her chapter, “Although we did not get to welcome any new sisters, one thing Alpha Chi prides ourselves in is accepting everyone for exactly who they are and allowing each other to embrace our differences and love each other all the time!”. The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega will be hosting more events in the coming weeks for healthy relationship week, since their philanthropy is domestic violence awareness.

Spring recruitment goes by quickly, but all the chapters are excited to have new women in the Greek community, and everyone is anticipating formal recruitment in the fall already!

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