Cue the band, Mount Union is a Winner Again.

This past weekend, three Mount Union students took home first place in the 2018 Peoples Bank Case Competition and with it, the $1500 prize. The team of two seniors, Jonathan Konz and Nicolle Wilson and junior, Andy Jones, faced off against teams from 14 other colleges and universities to take the top prize. The team was given a fictional case created by People’s Bank. They had to make a hiring decision, analyze finances and complete a marketing plan.

The team worked very hard to prepare in advance for the competition.

“A lot of work went into each deliberation of the case,” Jones said. “ I mostly worked on the deliberation which contained the financial portion of the prompt. As a team, we studied how banks operated on a daily basis and used our findings to drive our assumptions.”

The competition is in its sixth year and Mount Union is the only team to repeat, in 2015 and now in 2018.

So how does it feel to come out on top?

“It feels great,” said Konz. “Hard work always pays off! Our team worked on the deliberations for this case tirelessly. And it was so great to see all the hard work pay off!”

Mount Union’s, Dr. William Schweizer had added praise for the team. “In my opinion, the Mount Union victory was the result of a well-rounded team where the strengths and weakness of the three team members offset one another nicely,” Schweizer said. “The team did an exceptional job of making room for each member to contribute at the appropriate times. Congratulations go to all three members for their respective contributions.”

The competition, which is held annually offers students first hand experience in the management world. Interested students can contact Dr. Amber Hunt in December each year for more information.

“If you're considering competing in competitions like this, DO IT!,” emphasized Konz. “They are well worth the effort! I had a great time learning and working with my teammates as well as presenting our finished product! Take chances, give it your best shot, and be confident!”

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