The University of Mount Union’s student programming committee, Raider Programming Board, is changing the format of their student talent showcase in terms of accepted talents and venue.

Campus Grounds, the long-term home of Coffeehouse, is getting a makeover in time for Spring 2018’s first event. Changes include the move of the stage from in front of the projector screen on the South wall to between the pool tables on the West wall, the readjusting of the track lighting above the pool tables for use as stage spotlights, and the addition of new color gels to the colored spotlights as well as their re-aiming in order to better light up the audience. In the future, the HPCC patio (outside Campus Grounds) will be converted into an outdoor performance space in order to allow the event to move “under the stars” during fair weather conditions.

In addition to the aesthetic changes being made to Coffeehouse, changes are also coming to the format of the event itself. Originally, Coffeehouse was designed to be a showcase for student musicians, mainly acoustic acts, in a casual, close-proximity manor similar to the experience of performing at a bar or coffee shop (hence the name). For 2018, however, RPB is sending out a talent search that is much more inclusive to student performers with the idea of giving all students the ability to show off their skills. Now, instead of just guitarists and poets, Coffeehouse is looking to get a variety of acts from juggling to comedy and everything in between.

The event will keep the “coffee shop” vibe as before, as well as the refreshments and snacks that students have come to love. But perhaps the most important thing that will remain the same is the open-mic atmosphere. Although RPB would like, and highly recommends, advanced notice of a performance in order to be able to adequately plan and prepare for the talent as well as test necessary sound and video components, Coffeehouse will still have an open-mic component in order to give students the best chance to be able to perform during that night’s event.

Are you interested in performing at a Coffeehouse? There are no auditions required! Contact RPB by emailing you talent to

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