While Raider Student Media is an amazing organization, there is another organization I am a part of. That group is Alpha Phi Omega. Coming into college as an Eagle Scout, I wanted to continue to my scouting roots by participating in community service events and living the selfless service life I had grown accustomed to. One day, I heard about Alpha Phi Omega and thought, “Okay, I’ll check it out at Raiderfest.” That decision changed my life in an amazing way. 

The three principles are: to foster leadership, develop friendships, and live a life of service. The idea of serving with other people under the same principle of always being helpful to others is an amazing feeling. When participating in a group like Alpha Phi Omega, it creates a positive atmosphere where people lift up other people. That in turn creates lasting friendships and families. 

Alpha Phi Omega’s Rush week starts Monday, September 16th, with an Info Session in KHIC 203 at 7:00 P.M. I highly encourage all who read this to consider in rushing and pledging into Alpha Phi Omega! Below is a list of events that is open to the entire Campus! 

Alpha Phi Omega Rush Week 

Monday 9-16-19 Info Session in KHIC 203 @ 7PM 

Tuesday 9-17-19 Tie Pillow Service Project in KHIC 203 @ 7PM and Chapter Meeting in Chapel @ 8:15 

Wednesday 9-18-19 Bonfire in the Quad @ 8:30 

Thursday 9-19-19 Info Session in KHIC 203 @11:15 (UMT) 

Tuesday 9-24-19 Pledge Ceremony in the Chapel @7:30 For more details, please contact Macy Foutz at foutzma2020@mountunion.edu

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