Sadly, campus had to say goodbye to an old friend.

This friend was cherished among the Mount Union community and some say was a staple on campus. With their passing Mount Union has lost something special; I am of course talking about the blue juice machine.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 a sign appeared on the blue juice machine saying that the company that produced blue juice had gone out of business and that they would have a replacement when all the blue juice was gone.

The student body reacted accordingly, mainly screaming. Jarek Shernit ’21 said, “This is a tragedy.” The blue juice lasted until Wednesday with students drinking large quantities knowing that it would be their last time drinking the sweet nectar. Rumors say that a football player took the last three gallons of blue juice, but the student’s identity has never been confirmed.

Now that the blue juice is gone there is now a substitute. The slushie machines have replaced the blue drink machines. The machines are blue and red and in this writer’s opinion, they are not as good. I have tasted both (and in combination), and they taste like a slushie that you took most the flavor out of and didn’t freeze long enough. The machine doesn’t freeze the slushie properly and just sends the juice flying. I watched nearly a dozen students splatter themselves with the slushie machine since you must put the cup up to the nozzle directly, which there is not an indicator to do so.

So, blue juice is dead, and in its place stands a pair of slushie machines. The machines, while looking a lot more appealing to the eye then blue juice machine, student’s tongues don’t agree. With a survey of 30 students, 20 said that it wasn’t as good, 5 said it was alright, and 5 said they didn’t care. The future of the slushie machines seems to up in the air with the students.

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